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Mulesoft iPaaS

MuleSoft has many benefits when implemented correctly….

Being early adopters of MuleSoft, we have unique and deep experience in converting legacy integrations, and building new micro-service oriented API led integrations with the MuleSoft Integration Platform.  We ensure it follows best practices with the right vision/architecture, consistently resulting in significant ROI for our clients.


The innovative 3-tier architecture of MuleSoft is the unique differentiator, and why it is being selected as the iPaaS of choice for many of our clients.

Our services fall into the following categories: 

  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Implementation

  • Strategic Integration Plan and Architecture Design

  • API Design Best Practices

  • Core Frameworks

  • Re-usable Policies

  • API Development 

  • Micro-Services Development

  • Complex Integrations

  • CI/CD and Governance

  • Expert On-Demand Services

  • Managed Support 24/7 Services

Successfully implementing MuleSoft as a client’s iPaaS, must include a sound strategy, architectural design and governance.


The following includes more detail on the services we provide:

  • Strategic Planning - Developing a Strategic Plan and Architecture for enterprise integration projects

  • Platform Config - Installing/configuring MuleSoft Platform & Services (Cloud, OnPrem & Hybrid are supported)

  • Best Practices - Building Best Practice Frameworks & Policies, utilized as standard components for APIs (Security, Naming Conventions, Logging, Error Handling, Performance, Messaging, etc.)

  • API Development - Best Practice Design and Development of APIs using MuleSoft’s RAML specification, and utilizing Mule Development Tools (Anypoint Platform, CloudHub, Mule ESB, Anypoint Studio, Enterprise Management Console, DataWeave, Anypoint Enterprise Security)

  • API-Led Architecture - Developing a MuleSoft API-Led Architecture, and designing all APIs with this structure.  Utilizing the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, all APIs are developed to be agile, and built to be micro-services that are re-usable

  • CI/CD & Governance - includes setup of the CI/CD Pipeline & Best Practices, and Governance needed to efficiently manage a Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery methodology.

  • Managed Support 24/7 - Online monitoring & support services for integrations, detect & resolve issues, & provide small changes on a monthly service fee basis

  • Expert On-Demand Services - includes assistance of a MuleSoft Expert on an as-needed basis.  Sometimes organizations just need help with a problematic API, or to help with architecting one piece of the platform, or assistance or review of a complex design, etc.

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